Bangi Afrika Herb was founded in 2018 and was inspired by love for good health and wellbeing using cannabis or marijuana merged from involving the plant and knowing the good side of it.

As a proponent of using Cannabis to alleviate both psychological and physiological ailments, Bangi realized there was a gap in the market for trustworthy and effective Cannabis products that go beyond oil and vapes. His deep background in investment, finance and emerging markets was the catalyst that planted the seed that would become Bangi Afrika Herb.

Bangi saw the need to help South African and African customers access the best products in wellness and medical cannabis. Bangi Afrika Herb operates a curated marketplace in South Africa and medical cannabis consultant to pharmacies and clinics in Southern Africa.

OUR Vision & Mission

We see a future where every healthcare provider and traditional healer in the SA understands and appreciates the therapeutic value of medical cannabis and its growing role within the future of personalized medicine.

We believe that everyone who could benefit from medical cannabis should have access to it through the NHD.

Our mission is to broaden the knowledge and understanding of healers and healthcare providers on the therapeutic benefits and safe prescription of cannabis-based medicines.

Dr. Mbuga Mayambala – Founder of Bangi Afrika Herb Culture

Hi there I am Dr. Mbuga A Mayambala

A certified Traditional healer and cannabis-psychedelic consultant who helps plant medicine enthusiasts succeed in their wellness journey using the healing power of botanicals like cannabis and psychedelics.

Here is why I’m passionate not just about plant medicine, I’m the 1st born of 6 children for my Dad; and the 1st of 9 for my mom (yes, I went through the “middle child syndrome” too). Growing up life was extremely difficult because I dropped out of school because of the civil wars that were happening in my beloved country of birth Uganda. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I lost my Dad around age 9 yr old.
I had to grow up learning at an early age how to take care of my using plant medicine among other things. As a young boy growing up with physical ability, as in a big body boy I loved sports today I was bullied, mocked, and stared at constantly until I decided to stand up for myself.

I’m on this journey to use my life experiences as a medicinal Bangi (it means Weed, Cannabis in the African context) herb user and medical cannabis consultant to help you succeed in your wellness journey using the healing power of botanicals.

And if you’re living with any form of disability that makes you feel like you don’t belong; or society has made you come to that conclusion, well, I’m here to let you know that you do. I was once told “Why are you even bothering to go to school? Why don’t you just get a job to go by?

I’m grateful for all that life has thrown at me...
So, what do I do; and how can I help you? 

I help healthcare cannabis professionals; dispensaries & alternative medicine enthusiasts understand the health benefits of plant medicine like cannabis and psychedelics so that they can effectively guide their clients on the best therapy ideal for them to achieve better health and well-being that costs less.

Unlike others that only focus on plant medicine, I focus on both plant & conventional medicine using my background as a cannabis medicinal herb user growing up in East Africa and to explain how plant medicine works with other medicine and disease states in order to prevent adverse reactions.
Would you like to know more about how you can help your clients or yourself get and stay well using the healing power of botanicals like cannabis?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then I’m your boy.

Book a free call today to explore all your options to work with me!

African Traditional Healer and Medicinal Cannabis consultant T/Dr Mbuga A Mayambala is the founder and CEO of Bangi Afrika Herb House (Pty) Ltd, an alternative health and wellness online store. He is a certified in medical cannabis.
After a few years of direct patient care, T/Dr. Mayambala transitioning to one of the top medical cannabis (Health Management Organizations) Talk About Medical Cannabis with T/Dr. Mayambala, where he talks about the role of cannabis in the management of various diseases.

T/Dr. Mayambala is not married a widower loves to volunteer, travel, and listen to current affairs in his spare time.

He is active on all the social media platforms and is accepting invites for collaboration, consultation, medical cannabis class engagement, and speaking engagement.
Indigenous Africa Medical Cannabis Consultant, Medical Marijuana Supply in Afrika. 

Medicinal Cannabis should be a first priority, not a last resort.


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